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I used to write and lurk in a whole other fandom under my [profile] talesofspike ID, but for some reason my muse went on holiday for a month and when it came back it decided to write this instead of my normal fare. In fact, I think it may not even be my muse that I got back.

It's possible that I'll get around to setting up a website for my HP stuff, but since Yes, I am so obsessive compulsive that I have created a website for my HP fic, even though at the moment I only have one tiny ficlet...

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If someone friends me, and that's the first and only time I hear their name, it's doubtful that I'll friend them back. I'll assume they're basically around for the fic. If they're just going to read and never comment, then that's fine, but it also means that I'm never going to get to know them and I'm certainly not going to share any personal details of my life with strangers. I don't make many friend locked posts in general but when I do I prefer to actually know the people I'm talking to.

If someone comments a few times and then friends me or even just leaves a comment to say, 'Hey, I've been reading your HG/GW / HG/SS / HG/CW fic. Is it okay to friend you?' then I probably will, on the assumption that they'll be around enough to get to know them. The same applies if someone signs up and doesn't comment at the time, but over a period a dialogue seems to develop (assuming I remember that they friended me).

Age: I am over 18. Actually, I own T-shirts that are older than 18.
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